November 09, 2023


Crockett County hunters who go out after that buck this year will have more than the sport and the meat to urge them on. Joe Oberkampf has posted an offer of three valuable prizes to the first three hunters who bring down a buck and exhibit the kill in front of the Oberkampf store.

First prize, for the buck with the greatest number of points killed during November, will be a $65 pair of field glasses. For the first buck of the season, Oberkampf is offering a skinning knife and to the second lucky hunter, he is offering a belt with a sterling silver buckle. Bucks must be exhibited in front of the Joe Oberkamft store.


Dr. H A. Gustavus, who has practiced dentistry in Ozona for the past 10 years, received orders from the United States Air Force to report for active duty as a Major in the Air Force Dental Corps on Jan. 11, 1954. Dr. Gustavus will report to Gunter AFB at Montgomery, Ala., where he will go through a three-week, orientation course. Afterward, he will report to Craig AFB at Selma, Ala., to begin two years of active duty.


HALLOWEEN COSTUME WINNER-Young Eduardo Fierro, 3, son of Mr. and Mrs. Fredrico Fierro, won the costume contest hands down for the pre-kindergarten set last Halloween Eve. The costumes were judged during the parade which was headed by the Ozona High School Band.


An architect's drawing depicting the proposed addition to the public library and a budget for the project was examined by commissioners Monday. The information was presented by librarian Louise Lettoux during her report to the court. Jack Meek, San Angelo architect, estimates a total construction cost of $199,080 for the 2,800 square feet of the new addition and changes necessary to the existing building. Now that the plans and budget have been prepared, the Friends of the Library can pursue grant funds for the project.

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