Facilities accepting holiday donations for patients, SSLC residents

by SOURCE Texas Health and Human Services

Austin—State hospitals and state-supported living centers staff, and volunteers in their communities, are accepting donated gifts for patients and residents to make their holidays brighter.

The holiday season is fast approaching, and some of the people served at state hospitals and state-supported living centers will be spending the holidays away from their loved ones.

The state cannot pay for gifts and special treats for the people we serve, so this funding often comes from the Volunteer Services Councils (VSCs) that work with each hospital and living center.

The VSCs are instrumental year-round in helping support and enhance the lives of residents and patients. Many generous community members, including HSCS staff, also make the holidays special by hosting parties and providing donated gifts.

Monetary donations to the VSCs are always welcome and allow for more flexibility, but many facilities have specific wish lists for donated items, such as games, toiletries, clothes and music CDs.

VSCs Holiday Wish List

If you or your group would like to donate to a VSC for the holidays, see the list of facilities below. Donations benefit the people served at SSLCs and state hospitals. Those who can’t make a donation can still help by spreading the word in their communities through social media or word-of-mouth.

Abilene State Supported Living Center

Call Shae Butts at 325-795-3547.

Big Spring State Hospital

Call Carl Reid at 432-270-3141.

El Paso Psychiatric Center

Call Zulema Carrillo at 915-532-2202.

El Paso State Supported Living Center

Items needed include DVD players, CD players, radios, men’s and women’s pajamas (all sizes), hats, gloves, scarves and backpacks.

Call Maria Martinez at 915-782-6488.

Rio Grande State Center

Monetary donations are accepted at Rio Grande State Center VSC.

Call Terri Lievanos at 956-364-8255.

San Angelo State Supported Living Center

Monetary donations are accepted at San Angelo State Supported Living Center VSC.

Items needed include slippers, men’s and women’s pajamas, MP3 players and Bluetooth headphones.

Call Heather Cavin at 325-253-7920.