by Staff Report


Sheriff W. S. Willis has been lenient with violators of the new traffic code invoked for the downtown section recently. A "good talking to” has been the extent of punishment for violators until they become thoroughly familiar with the new traffic rules. But the sheriff evidently thinks the new rules should be "thoroughly familiar” to his own household and when his wife turned across the street in the middle of the block in the business section yesterday, she not only got the well-known ‘‘talking to” but she got “sent home," as the sheriff put it. The sheriff's home is in the jail, but it wouldn't sound nice to say the sheriff sent his wife to jail now, would it? 


Joe Boy Clayton, son of Mr. and Mrs. Joe Clayton of Ozona, has been ordered to bed for a month to recuperate from the effects of what doctors have diagnosed as a polio attack suffered several months ago. The effects of the sneak attack became apparent when the lad attempted to play football at the opening of the junior high season. A clinical examination in Dallas resulted in a diagnosis of a mild case of polio believed to have been suffered shortly before the opening of school this fall.


It’s on again, off again, in the matter of paying the poll tax. At the beginning of the taxpaying period, tax collectors urged taxpayers not to pay the poll tax since it would be impossible for the collector to return the money. But the voters of Texas decided in favor of retaining the poll tax last Saturday by soundly beating a proposed constitutional amendment to eliminate it.  Now taxpayers must be urged to pay their poll tax to qualify for the privilege of voting in 1964 elections. Those who paid their property taxes in October are reminded that their poll taxes have not been paid and they should bring or send the $1.75 to the tax collector’s office.


A trophy Elk was downed last week in Colorado by Charles Childress, left.  Dennis Clark helps show off the rack. The animal was brought down in a canyon north of Durango. It took two pack horses to bring it out.

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