Ozona History

by complied by Amanda Deats-Coello

May 17, 1934

Two new men teachers will be added to the faculty of the Ozona High and Grade Schools during the 1934-35 term starting next fall; one in the capacity of principal of the grade school and the other as high school principal. M. M. Collins of Abilene, at present principal of the Hawley, Texas schools, will come here in the capacity of junior high school principal. Mr. Collins has had six years of experience in grade and high school teaching. He holds degree from Simmons University at Abilene and has completed all of the requirements except his thesis for the master’s degree. Mr. Collins will teach arithmetic and geography in the junior high school and will direct boys’ activities on the playground and in the gymnasium.

C. E. Nelson, also of Abilene, will act as high school principal and teacher of mathematics and history in high school. Mr. Nelson has had eight years of experience in teaching. The past five years he has been head coach of track and debate and assistant coach of football at Abilene High School. He holds a BA Degree from the University of Texas and is doing work toward his M.A. degree.

May 14, 1964

A 24-year-old Ozona woman Monday was charged with sale and possession of whiskey and beer in a dry area after a Texas Liquor Control Board agent and two sheriff’ s deputies searched her home. Both charges against Delores Lajuan Meador were filed with Peace Justice Al Fields. Crockett County Atty Robert Owens said they would be transferred to county court. Both are misdemeanor charges. The woman posted two $1,000 bonds and was released from custody late Monday. LCB agent Aubrey Wilhelm of San Angelo said he and Crockett County sheriff deputies Rex Fenton and Von Parker searched the home after obtaining a search warrant. Wilhelm said they found 4 1/2 cases of beer, five pints of vodka, seven pints of whiskey and three half-pints of whiskey.

May 17, 1974

Deputy Sheriff Glenn Willeford finished his search of a stolen car at the park last week. A member of the Stockman staff saw the commotion across the street and before the photographer could grab a camera and get there Deputy Willeford had his suspect searched, cuffed and in the official car. The suspect was parked by the park drinking a cold drink when the deputy spotted him. The car, a late model Grand Prix, had been reported stolen in Odessa two days before the arrest.

May 16, 1984

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